Diane is a native Houstonian. While raising three small children, she opened “Courtney Art Gallery,” the year was 1967. Houston’s art community was at the beginning of a remarkable climb to world prominence. While serving on the Cultural Affairs committee of the Chamber of Commerce in 1971, she originated The Main Street Art Happening and served as its chair for 8 years. This event evolved into the popular, “Houston International Festival.” In 1982 Diane developed the Midtown Art Center providing a venue for multi-ethnic expression in art, music, and dance.

After years of being an arts facilitator, Diane, in 1990, moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico to pursue her path as a painter. During this period, her quest for creative expression took her to Italy to train at the International School of Art. She continued her studies at the New York Studio School. Diane’s life has been a journey in pursuit of the creative spirit and can be witnessed through her paintings and companion work that is the writing and illustration of the book, “The Girl with Shining Eyes.”

Palacios Bay